October 18, 2011

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Volume 82, Issue 3

Senior class gets last laugh at 'Apocalyptic Comedy Night'

by Vince Schiano

Comedian Jamie Lissow perform at NU. (photo by Nick Solly)

Comedian Jamie Lissow perform at NU. (photo by Nick Solly)

On Oct. 5, the Niagara University Student Government Associations's senior delegation brought in two professional comedians for an event titled the Apocalyptic Comedy Show. The show was the first in the senior class delegation's Senior Countdown, a series of programming that replaced last year's Senior Thursdays. The new countdown holds events at specific milestones as graduation day comes closer for the senior class.

The comedy show was considered a success according to Anna Hoffman, a senior communications major.

The comedians were hilarious she said. The fact that it was free was a double-bonus.

The room was packed, said Michael Gaut, a senior at Niagara. All the acts were terrific, but the other local guy, Chet Wild, may have stolen the show.

The senior class brought in Jaime Lissow, a veteran comic known largely for his appearances on "Comedy Central Presents. Also performing was Wild, a comedian who delivers in different venues across the western portion of New York.

This show was just awesome “ from the planning stages through post-show interviews. The NUSGA senior class did a great job organizing and promoting the show, and it was a great way to see how we (Campus Activities) can use the new multipurpose room for student events, said Bill Newton, the assistant director of campus activities.

Next in line for the Senior Countdown is a graffiti party that will take place on Nov. 17. Anyone with questions pertaining to the senior countdown is encouraged to contact any member of the NUSGA senior class delegation.

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