November 01, 2011

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Volume 82, Issue 4

iPhone 4S almost too good to be true

by Tyler Russell

iPhone 4S photo by Nick Solly

iPhone 4S photo by Nick Solly

Its been a great Friday night, you've had a little too much fun, and now you aren't exactly sure where or how to get home. No worries, there's an app for that.

Your mother's birthday is in two days and you still haven't bought a gift. It's OK, there's an app for that.

The new iPhone 4S introduced, Siri, where your wish is its command.

Apples latest phenomenon has transformed the way humans interact with their phones. The virtual personal assistant talks. It thinks. It listens, remembers and it is here for your convenience.

The new iPhone can do anything, from GPS to auto texts, says Niagara University student and owner of the iPhone 4S James Hefke. If I need something done, I know the phone can help in some way.

The 4S has taken the future into the present and placed it in the palm of your hand. What can't Siri do? Well to be frank, not too much.

People love to play around, with it and ask random questions, and the thing always has an answer, Hefke says.

Whether you want a reminder for hockey practice, need to make a mental note, or just desire an answer to nearly any question, Siri is there for you, and it always knows what you mean.

Though Siri has stolen all the headlines, it is not the only addition to the newest of iPhones. Apple now boasts the most powerful camera ever to be placed on a cell phone, which also can shoot 1080p HD video, the same picture quality we see on HD television programs.

The camera is unreal, the picture looks just like ESPN ˜Monday Night Football,' it is so clear, Hefke says.

Even faster everything

Apple's campaign slogan, which refers to the new dual-core A5 chip programming, cannot be denied.

It's the truth; the speed is ridiculous, especially on Facebook, Hefke says.

Whether its a faster upload to Facebook, a quicker jump to Twitter, or clearer picture quality on YouTube, the new operating system has social media capabilities and an even higher height than before.

Of course, not everyone is relishing in the new Apple device. For a person left behind from the influx of technology in recent years, and for someone with a phone that is anything but smart, applications such as this one might seem unworldly. As if Internet and voice automation were not enough, Apple's new release has really pushed the technological bar even further.

The company and vision of the recently passed Steve Jobs is not stopping with the 4S, however.

The drive and determination that has led Apple to revolutionize the way people see the world has also yielded a belief to keep pushing forward. It's no wonder that Apple has already began work on the iPhone 5 (details and applications are yet to be revealed ... and are probably only matched by the wildest of dreams).

I can't even begin to think about what they are going to throw into the mix next time. There is just nothing left, Hefke says.

Apparently, when we say why, they are saying why not.

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