November 01, 2011

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 82, Issue 4

'Paranormal Activity 3'

I just wanted it to be over, said NU sophomore Missy Ansell after seeing the terrifying Paranormal Activity 3. The suspense was killing me.

If you haven't seen Paranormal Activity parts one and two, then let me fill you in. In the first movie, we saw the older sister, Katie, struggle with a demon in her house, which terrorized her and her boyfriend. In the second movie, we saw the younger sister, Christy, her husband, stepdaughter, and their brand-new baby boy as they also become terrorized by a sadistic demon.

Paranormal Activity 3 is about the two sisters as children and where this all began.

The frightful scare tactic throughout the trilogy is that they are filmed from an amateur's perspective. This means the characters are the ones taping the creepy occurrences.

The movie begins with the two sisters in 2005. Christy is pregnant with her first son “ a key part in the trilogy. It then flashes back to them as younger children, where we learn that Christy has an imaginary friend named Tobey. Christy is the only one who can see Tobey, and yet Tobey makes his presence known to everyone else. It would be speculated that Tobey is, indeed, a demon.

Events continue to happen and weird noises go bump in the night. Dennis, a cameraman and Christy and Katie's mother's boyfriend, starts to notice the strange behavior of Christy and the unexplained events. This makes him decide to place cameras around the house.

He films some pretty scary stuff.

We see Katie get thrown and tugged across the room. After a rousing game of Bloody Mary, we see a figure in the mirror and it is not happy. We also see the babysitter get a little surprise herself “ all caught on tape.

But the sister's mother, Julie, believes none of it, until she also gets a surprise herself.

After Julie's event, the family stays at grandma's house for the night. Not such a hot idea. There, we witness the true problem, a witch cult.

I can't say anymore without giving it away, but let me just leave you with this: Never promise your first-born son to a demon, or a witch cult, and especially not to both.

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