December 06, 2011

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Volume 82, Issue 6

NU Campus Style Pick!

Daniella Dal Colle

Daniella Dal Colle

When walking through campus, we may see fellow peers who's wearing the most ridiculous, stylish or eye-catching outfits. At times you may want to ask her where she got her shoes or where you can find a certain pair of jeans, but you may never the get chance.

Your troubles are now over. Each week you or one of your friends could be featured as the NU Campus Style Pick of the week. This gives us a chance to take time to get to know our fashion star of the week, learn interesting tips, the best deals and other fashion favorites.

This week, our NU Campus Style Pick is Daniella Dal Colle. Some of you may know her as Dally or No. 20 for the NU women's hockey team. While Dal Colle may be rushing from learn and serve to practice, having minutes to spare before classes, nothing phases her. With a European heritage and a good up-bringing, her parents stapled the importance of dressing nicely.

My parents have grown up to dress nicely, even if it's to go to the grocery store. You never know who you will bump into.

Highly influenced by her parents, she hasn't let them down, especially with her casual, comfortable outfit when spotted at the library. With coffee and books in hand, she certainly is ready to take on her busy day here at NU. Her jeans couldn't be more eye-popping; the white-seamed Seven Jeans are from Canadian store: Winners.

Insider Interview:

--What are your top three favorite stores?

Forever 21, American Eagle and Aritzia.

--When you are in a rush for class, what does your go to outfit consist of?

Jeans, a cute hoodie with Uggs, and a scarf (if it's cold). I love scarves!

--If you had to choose to wear one pair of your shoes for the rest of your life, what ones would you pick and why?

My moccasins. . . . I love them, they are so comfortable and they go with pretty much anything.

--Who is your favorite fashion icon and why?

My favorite fashion icon right now is Lauren Conrad. . . . I love her style. She is classy and she makes her outfits look so cute!

--If you were to raid one of your teammates closets, who would you pick and why?

I'd probably raid Abby Raplanski's closet. . . . I tend to compliment her outfits a lot. I think she has nice style and wears similar clothes to me. (So if you see Abby give her a shout out too!)

The most interesting part of Dal Colle's outfits are her accessories. She said it herself: she loves scarves. She also added a black oval ring and a Fossil watch that gives a little sparkle to any casual outfit. Although she wasn't wearing her go to moccasins, she chose her knee-high flat boots that even out her whole outfit.

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Check out NU Campus Style Pick next time. It could feature you or your best friend.

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