December 06, 2011

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Volume 82, Issue 6

SLAM 'Philanthropy Day'

At the philantropy day table, Clara Kuntz and Cassie Pericak.

At the philantropy day table, Clara Kuntz and Cassie Pericak.

The group Students Leaving a Mark has been around for quite some time, but without creating much impact on students at Niagara.

One of SLAM's four committee members, senior Cassie Pericak, said, It's been around for years, but no one has really done anything with it and this is the year we're finally taking it back and trying to re-vamp it.

Graduate student Clara Kuntz, senior Jessica Poulton and junior Jennifer Haun, Pericak make up the committee, which is overseen by Michele Smith-Link, who is the development officer of the Office of Annual Giving.

The group's goal is to educate students on the importance of philanthropy and giving back to Niagara with their time, talents and treasures, Kuntz said.

It's basically to get students to make a gift to the Niagara fund, which helps support student scholarships, buildings on campus, faculty, and overall improve Niagara while they're still students. That way when they're alumni, they're more than likely to give again and to make bigger gifts, Pericak said.

Pericak explained the Niagara Fund. The Niagara Fund is just a general fund for scholarships, financial aid. I believe 99 percent of the students that go here receive some sort of financial aid, she said.

SLAM participated in National Philanthropy Day on Nov. 15, giving out candy and asking students to donate their spare change. Students who donated were entered in a raffle for a bobble-head, which was won by Rebecca Bailey. The group raised $8.35 in spare change.

SLAM will have a table during Relaxation Day, Dec. 14 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Kuntz said. Pericak added that they will give free candy and relaxation tips, while asking people to donate spare change.

The group will also hold another Philanthropy Day in the spring, where students can sign thank-you cards for our alumni that have supported Niagara, Kuntz said.

The group is also accepting donations at anytime, and trying to get the senior class to make a collective gift, We're not asking for $50 or even $25 but like a $5 gift, Pericak said.

SLAM can be contacted for donations or involvement on Facebook at www.facebook/slam.niagara; by email at, on their website,; or by mail at the Office of Annual Giving, P.O. Box 2008, Niagara University.

We don't post that often, we're not going to blow up your newsfeed, Pericak assured students.

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