January 31, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 82, Issue 7

O'Donoughue and Lynch Hall Lead CA Jenn Rommel

Jenn Rommel is in her final year at NU and is the lead community adviser. This is her third year on the Res-Life staff. She currently lives in Lynch Hall.
Q: Why did you want to become a CA?
A: I worked in what used to be the university Housing Office my freshman year and met Joe Cuda, the previous  dean of student affairs, and Joe talked me into applying.
Q: What are the biggest challenges and rewards when being a CA?
A: Challenges: Getting enough sleep some nights. Rewards: Seeing your current and past residents grow into awesome people.
Q: Do you have an advice for future CAs?
A: Its all about the residents, and they make being a CA worth it!
Q: What is an important quality when being a CA?
A: Determined; meaning to have the energy to strive as an excellent student and an excellent CA, all while doing homework, programs, door decs and boards, clubs/activities, and being their for your residents.

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