October 23, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 83, Issue 1

Campus-wide email sparks conversation

by Hayley Schmidt

    Students recently received an email from Dr. Kevin Hearn and NUSGA President Skylar Fairchild explaining the severity of certain behaviors occurring off campus. Dr. Hearn recently spoke more in depth about the topic.

Q: What prompted this email? Was it one specific thing or was it an accumulation of events and you had to say enough is enough?
A: Both. These issues in the local area are not new. But after speaking with different members of the community, parties this semester got bigger and happened sooner. NU students are showing more disrespect when being confronted (than in years past). One family that spoke with the Niagara Falls Police Department was up until four in the morning because they were afraid of what might happen to their property while the party was going on. When community members feel as if they are under house arrest because of a party going on next door, the whole school looks bad as a result. This university has a reputation to uphold. We can't let the actions of a small number of students impact what everyone else is trying to accomplish.

Q: What concerns do you have for the students who are taking part in these activities especially with Halloween weekend coming up?
A: I'm concerned for their safety. Drugs and alcohol are always a major concern. But there were people posting on public web pages saying, Hey I'm having a party. This is where I live. Anyone is invited. They don't understand that students aren't the only people that can see that page. Not only are the faculty and staff watching that page, but predators can see it as well. Now take drugs and alcohol out of the equation for a second. You still have all of those people in one house. One of the intelligence officers I am in contact with said that he filmed the shut-down of a party, and over 100 people poured out of that house. What if a fire broke out? That's a lot of people trapped in one area.

Q: Did you hear anything about how the students reacted to the email?
A: NUSGA actually had a meeting about these events and said that these behaviors are not acceptable. They felt that the email was well written because it had the student voice in it as well. It didn't have an or else tone to it.

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