October 23, 2012

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Volume 83, Issue 1

Hockey fans react to NHL lockout

by Leanne Stuck

    With the news of an owner's lockout for the 2012-13 hockey season, many fans are left feeling disappointed. Hockey fans are hoping that this will not be a repeat of the 2004-05 lockout, which lasted the whole season.
    Niagara University student Andrew Pendergast states that if this lockout continues throughout the entire hockey season, he will be deeply disappointed and will not purchase tickets or merchandise in protest of the NHL's numerous work stoppages. He is not alone; many Niagara University students have said they will most likely not purchase tickets.
    Not only is the lockout disappointing fans, it is also leaving many people without jobs. Niagara University senior Alyssa Polito, who has been employed at the First Niagara Center in the 200-level Harbour Club for the past three seasons is facing this disappointment. With this season in  lockout, she will now be unemployed. This is terrible news for Polito especially since she had just earned a promotion.
    Like many employees at First Niagara Center, this news comes as a huge disappointment as many rely on the job to help provide for their families. Polito had no say in losing the job that she loved and has since been forced to find work elsewhere.
    Like her now former coworkers she will face a difficult decision on whether to return to First Niagara Center or not should the NHL have a partial season. Polito was not only an employee of the First Niagara Center, but also a big hockey fan. She grew up watching hockey with her family and has watched every season since she says that she will have many boring winter nights without hockey this year should the lockout continue.
    Many fans feel that a new collective bargaining agreement should have been dealt with long before they began bargaining in July, contend that the current situation is not warranted. If the NHL truly believes it has the best fans in the world, as commissioner Gary Bettman has been recently quoted as saying by several news sources, then the NHL team owners and the NHL Players Association would be working day in and day out to end the lockout.

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