October 23, 2012

The Nation’s Third Oldest College Newspaper

Volume 83, Issue 1

Women's cross-country expects a great season

by Leanne Stuck

    With a brand new head coach and new freshman runners, NU's women's cross-country team is expected to have a promising season.
    The girls had their season opener at the Little Three Invitational at St. Bonaventure, Junior Kimberly Vona placed as the champion. She had placed second in the Little Three Invitational last season and had made it her goal this season to place first. After the race, Vona said she was surprised that she was able to hold the lead as long as she did and was very pleased with the outcome.
    Compared to season's past, Vona has grown so much as an athlete. This season, she has been able to keep her mile times consistent throughout each race and hold a steady positive mindset to help her achieve her goals. Vona would like to receive a personal best time in an upcoming 6k race and she would also like to receive a medal in the upcoming MAAC tournament in Florida.
    With a brand new head coach this season, Kim says that the team is a lot stronger than season's past. Hadara Katarski is the team's new head coach.
    The difference between this season and season's past is that the team now has personalized training programs that are made for individual and team success.  This team is a tight-knit group with freshmen Chelsea Caballero, Tyler Levengood and Natalie Regan as strong new assets to the team.
    Cross-country is not only physically but mentally demanding. The girls work as a team to always encourage each other and work together to complete their goals.
    Niagara University Women's cross-country follows one motto and that is Pain is temporary and Pride is forever. Niagara University fans should expect a great season.

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