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Professor Mitchell Alegre

Prof. Mitchell Alegre

Prof. Mitchell Alegre

Mitchell Alegre is a go-getter. Once, when unable to find a museum village guide, he wrote his own and got it published. Then when he graduated with a degree in history and couldn’t find a job, he created one.
Alegre started out as a historical consultant, proposing projects to historical societies and art councils, doing preservation and architectural work, and researching government grants to fund the projects.
While overseeing more projects and gaining management experience as time went on, Alegre’s specialty shifted to leadership.  For 28 years he has been running a consulting firm that helps businesses, industries and religious and non-profit organizations run more efficiently by improving interpersonal relations.
Alegre uses his management experience as a tool for teaching business and much more. He runs the EAGLE leadership program on campus, allowing many students to organize various projects and accomplish more than just what’s offered in the classroom.
“To me, the students are clients. I take the same approach, which is an interactive approach,” he says.
He doesn’t teach courses, he manages “experience-based learning communities,” in which he facilitates students “working with a real group, having real consequences, (and) having to deal with real frustrations,” he says.
The real-life experience encourages students to “step into the realm of the unknown,” to try as well as fail in order to learn, he said. His goal as a teacher is to help students discover their passion and find a way to get paid for doing it.
In addition to inspiring students, Alegre enjoys reading from the nearly 13,000 eclectic volumes in his library, going snow-shoeing, playing African and Latin percussion and supporting locally grown food movements with his wife.

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